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Italian conference - IV edition

10 October 2015 - Desenzano (BS)

Thorsten Lorenz


Thorsten is a Jazz musician turned developer and is excited about Node.js and its community The fast turnaround from idea to working module has proven addictive for him and led to lots of modules which ended up on github and/or npm. He also contributes to other awesome open source efforts like browserify to which he added source map support.

Lately he has been focusing on understanding the Node.js stack in more depth, focusing on libuv and v8.

Thorsten works for NodeSource.



Level: Advanced, deep NodeJS knowledge required - Schedule: 16:45 - 17:15

Less Pain, More Gain: {Node,io}.js Tracing and Debugging


Lots is developing when it comes to inspectability of our node apps.

Driven by the [tracing working group](https://github.com/iojs/tracing-wg), io.js is adding features
to make it easier to trace code execution.
The latest v8, which is part of io.js added numerous hooks that enable us to bridge the gap between C/C++ and JavaScript
code in order to debug and inspect it across those layers.

Even until we can fully leverage all these new features numerous modules on npm make some of this available to us today.

In this talk I will show practical examples of both what is possible today and what’s coming in the near future.