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Italian conference - IV edition

10 October 2015 - Desenzano (BS)

Emanuele Rampichini


Senior Software Engineer @spreaker, full stack developer actually focusing on JavaScript in all his flavours (native mobile, single page applications with angular JS and React, backend development with node.js). As a developer i care about software that works, on the user side and on the developer one. I practice TDD and XP on a daily basis and i love to spread the practices and learn new ones from other developers.



Level: Intermediate, some NodeJS knowledge required - Schedule: 17:15 - 17:45

Building a desktop streaming console with nodejs and webkit


“In this talk i wish to share tips and pitfalls encountered during development of a desktop application (streaming console for the @spreaker platform) leveraging web technologies and nodejs/iojs ecosystem. The talk will be techical.

The application is not yet delivered and we are doing a lot of work to find the appropriate tech solutions (nwjs vs electron, reactjs vs no framework, ES6 and transpilers). The main idea of the talk is to share this choices with the audience, giving them a good idea of what it means to build a desktop application in that way.”